Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA) is currently the fastest growing sport in the world, already ranking as one of the top ten sports around the globe, rubbing shoulders with sports that have been around for centuries despite being around in its current form for only a few years. Obviously, fighting has been sport for hundreds and thousands of years, but its development into a more organised, regulated sport in the West only really started within the last two decades. Its popularity first equalled and now even overshadows that of both wrestling and boxing, and it continues to grow in popularity even today. So what makes MMA so appealing?

Mixed Martial Arts combines the entire spectrum of fighting disciplines, giving a much broader range of combat. Whereas a boxing match will always have the same core components, pitching two completely opposing fighting styles will bring new dynamics within almost every single match. Originally billed as a competition to find most effective martial art, it is much more practical than boxing as it simulates how fights may take place in the real world much more effectively.

Its practicality is key for the thousands of amateurs who are keen to learn. It teaches self-defence rather than aggression and for fitness and strength, its training program is invaluable. When combined with the correct sports nutrition, MMA training is one of the most effective ways of getting toned and building muscle. Equally, since MMA is so physically demanding, ensuring you have the correct sports nutrition is vital in getting ahead.

For those wishing to start MMA, using protein supplements is an invaluable way to get the strength and core muscle mass necessary for the physical stamina required.

Protein supplements are a key component of any physical training program and no sport is more physically demanding than MMA.