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The Warrior Combatives Academy Crash Course

These are NOT the techniques you’re going to learn at your local martial arts dojo or some other so-called “expert”.

These are true combatives techniques that I teach SWAT team members, Police Officers, Corrections Officers, Bouncers, Professional Fighters and everyday people who want to know how to fight.

I KNOW these techniques work because we test them, train them and fight to prove it on a daily basis.

You aren’t going to need to learn any complicated movements. These techniques are all based upon enhancing your natural reactions.

We’re talking about the most effective and NO BS street fighting techniques that will help you start on your path of becoming a warrior and learning to fight.

It’s unfortunate and scary that the local martial arts community still sells you a false sense of security with their so called self-defense techniques.  Most of these techniques are DANGEROUS and will get you hurt (or worse). But I’m here to give you what works.

Combat JiuJitsu Course